What We Do

We act as a vendor agnostic technology consultant. We work with a broad section of suppliers to get you the best product and a superior value. We streamline the research and purchasing process while providing you with concierge level support.

Backup and Recovery

Disaster recovery is more than simply backing up files. The key element to disaster recovery is the recovery. Not having access to critical files costs time and money and also damages the organization’s reputation. ¬†Organizations face the risk of catastrophic data loss as a result of fire, water, electrical surges,¬† theft, file corruption, hardware failure and malware. We offer a full suite of DR services including storage, bare metal backup, granular recovery, high availability, and migration.

Endpoint and Server Security

Back Up and Disaster Recovery


Hosted Exchange

Email Protection and Continuity

Email Encryption

Email Archiving


Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Hosted Infrastructure

Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention

Network Monitoring

Web Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Business Continuity

Mobile Device Management

Multi Factor Authentication

Network Support

Desktop as a Services

Vulnerability Management


Data Migration

Network Infrastructure

Forensic Data Analysis

Hardware Sourcing