Why Stratoguard

We are a vendor agnostic technology advocate. We are your advocate and the advocate of your customer. Our job is to find the best fit technology. Not to try to sell you. For the last 30 years it has been the job of the distributor and reseller community to represent the technology manufacturer to the customer. We have tuned this model on its head because we believe that our primary obligation is to you not to the manufacturer.

We provide you with:

Access to products
from 50 manufacturers

Experience and expertise
to guide a decision

Concierge level

Responsive easy to understand answers
to your questions

Streamline product

Buying power

Part of our value comes from what we do not do.

Our promise to our customers

  • We will work with your time frame and not try to impose ours.
  • We will listen to your priorities and not assume we know what they are.
  • We will answer our phone when you call.
  • We will take ‘no’ for an answer.
  • We will listen first and talk second.
  • You will not be put on a marketing list that end only with your death.